About me

I married my lovely Swiss Husband 6 years ago and and hopped over the pond in 2007. We now have 3 lovely kids ages 6 years and two 4 year olds. I recently moved back stateside. My life as a wife, mother, and not so recent college graduate is fast paced and busy but I always find time to snap photos. I find photography as an escape when I am frustrated or just tired. It takes me to a whole new world, one through my viewfinder. I mostly photograph people/children. I try to see life through their eyes and express that in my photos. Occassionaly I like to venture out of that realm and just photograph everyday life. I hope to one day become a professional but right now I am just enjoying professionalizing (is that even a word?) my skills. I hope that you enjoy my photos just as much as I enjoy taking them.!

-Lisa Steiger

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  1. Bob says:

    Test Test Test
    Bla Bla Bla

  2. Chris Scott says:

    Hey Lisa!! First off Merry Christmas(a day late) and Happy New Year! I like the site and the pictures you have up so far look awesome! I bet it was some pretty hard work getting the site up and running, but it’s so worth iy ’cause now you can share your photography with the world! =] take care and I will leave more posts as you have more pics.. I love photography!


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