When cakes go wrong..

When it comes to birthday parties I really like to go all out and make sure everything is perfect but somehow the ideas in my head do not always play out. For my girls’ second birthday we waited a few weeks past so we could celebrate with my family. I traveled to my sister’s home to host the party and make the cake. I always have to make my kids cake from scratch, not because I am a show off (well maybe just a little) but because I like to bake any chance I get. The plan was a pastel colored layer cake from a Martha Stewart recipe. Well I doubled the recipe and tried to make it all in one batch without an electric mixer. My Husband was so kind to help work this horrible recipe. My cake batter turned into pizza dough consistency and my poor husband was trying to beat egg whites by hand. Hours later I had to throw out $20+ worth of cake supplies. Did I cry? You bet! I went to bed planning on buying a store cake in the morning. The next day I woke up to my husband baking a box cake for me. Such a sweetie. He saved me! I was able to decorate and have it ready for the party in the afternoon and my girls had a blast!

The Cake


The Cake


Big Brother Ian


Vanessa at her Party

Gabriella at her Party

-Lisa Steiger Photography

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